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Vermisol - is an extract of Biohumus obtained by the TCU 15.2-2336711650.001-2003. It is an ecologically pure growth promoting organic substance for all types of plants.

Vermisol is a natural complex of ecologically pure and safe nutrients, humic and growth promoting substances. It consists of humates, folic acids, amino acids, vitamins, natural fitoharmones, micro- and macro elements, kalium, calcium, azoth, iron, magnium, organic substances and spores of soil micro organisms. Moreover, the water that is used for Vermisol production is from 27 m depth underground. Clean pure water that is used insures even better quality of the product.

Vermisol is safe and harmless for people and animals, as well as for soil micro-flora and micro-fauna. On the contrary it improves soil and its futility.

The fertilizer improves seed germinating ability and power, stimulates root formation, promotes plant growth and development, improves immunity and fastens ripening by approximately 14 days. Moreover it reduces nitrates in agricultural crops, increases sugar, protein and vitamins content in vegetables and fruits, provides the long-term storage, eliminates chlorosis and promotes houseplants growth and blossom.

Using Vermisol will dramatically reduce a number of diseases like root rot, black stem, mildew and more. Fertilizing with Vermisol is improving the soil futility, together with the increase in crops. Vermisol is effective when growing all kinds of agricultural crops: grains, grain legumes, vegetables, fruits and berries, grapes, flowers, decorative house plants, tobacco and others.

Vermisol is beneficial for increase of quality and yields of agricultural crops. After a number of studies conducted it was concluded that Vermisol increases the harvest of grains up to 30%, vegetables by 40% and more, plus there is a sufficient increase in quality, moreover the storage losses are reduced gradually. The amount of proteins, vitamins and sugar increases, products gain especially pleasant and reach taste.

When growing ornamental flowers, fruits, berries the fertilizer provides better seeding, cutting and transplant rooting ability and establishment, increases flower output and quality.

Using Vermisol every gardener and farmer will substantially increase yields of high quality agricultural crops for a small expense and no negative ecological consequences.

As a result of Vermisol application on grapes, ‘Massandra’(Krym2002), 53% growth in yields of crops of Muscat white and 102% growth on the plantations of Cabernet’ grapes was notified.

From 1999 Vermisol was being used in the most of Ukraine’s regions, republic of Krym, Belarus. Performing complete technological cycle of fertilizing with Vermisol, increase in yields of vegetable crops amounts to 50% and grains to 30%.

The conclusions of Institute of agro-ecology and biotechnology (Kiev), Institute of physiology and plant genetics (Kiev), Podilya organization of ecology studies (Vinnitsa), Verhnehortycka organization of plant studies(Zaporizzha), ‘Massandra’ wine producers(Krym), ‘Tavrida’ wine producers(Krym), Podilya organization of gardening skills(Vedmeje Vushko, Vinnitsa), Agricultural enterprises ‘Semko’(Vinnitsa), ‘Agromir’(Nemirov), ‘Bohdan Khmelnitskiy’(Vinnitsa region), ‘Progress’(Vinnitsa region), ‘Gals’ and ‘Victoriya Agro ’ (Khmelnitskiy), ‘Bavaria Garden’, (Kiev), ‘Zeleniy Svit’(Kiev), Corporation ‘Bread of Ukraine’(Kiev), ‘Ukraflora’(Kiev), ‘Agrus’(Kiev) and a lot more agricultural enterprises of all regions of Ukraine ….. high effectivness of organic growth promoting ecologically friendly fertilizer ‘Vermisol’.




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