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Vermisol Application

The following application procedures are suitable for all kinds of plants, including: grains, grain legumes, vegetables, fruits and berries, grapes and others.

Vermisol can be used together with all insecticides, pesticides and fungicides, which allow following the technological process of Vermisol application without any further expenses.

Technological process of Vermisol application consists of three fazes, every of which increases yields of crops by 10% and more. Vermisol can be used for soil dressing as well as sprinkling leaves (highly recommended)

Faze 1: seed soaking

Faze 2: first feeding by sprinkling leaves (using any kind of pulverisation device)

Faze 3: second feeding by sprinkling leaves (using any kind of pulverisation device)


Soak seeds in the fertilizer solution at room temperature until they swell up. To make the solution, mix fertilizer with water, 1:5 (e.g.1 tea spoon of Vermisol for 5 tea spoons of water) for about 10-12 hours. Put seeds into a gauze bag and then to the solution. It is also possible to soak seeds on the polyethylene sheet. Cover to prevent evaporation.

Soaking seeds is important; seed-germinating ability of agricultural crops improves, especially when sprouting small seeds with low germinating ability. The more seeds germinate, the higher quantity and quality of yields you get. Moreover, the time seeds take to germinate is reduced by 5-6 days and rooting is stronger.


Should be processed on the stage of the appearance of 3-5 leaves. Fertilizing together with herbicides or without, depending on the amount of unnecessary plants on the field. When there are a lot of unnecessary plants, they are also being fertilized, consequently growth and development of the plant we want to grow is slowed down and effect of Vermisol is gradually reduced.

Fertilizing stops diseases, generates leaf development and green mass, strength of the plant, improves photosynthesis, which affects the productivity of the plant.

Application of Vermisol is 1:50 (1 litre for 50 litres of water), could be as well 1:25.


Fertilizing increases productivity of the plant plus improves the quality of the end product. It is conducted for grains in the faze of seed development, for vegetables at the stage of fructification.

Application is the same as in the second faze, solution of Vermisol 1:50.

These three fazes are full technological cycle. Feeding by the leaf can be performed more then twice, it concerns mostly the plants highly tangible to illnesses, these kinds of fertilizing can be conducted after 8-12 days.

Please Note! Fertilizing more often will increase the yields of agricultural crops and show better effect.

1 ton of Vermisol is suitable for 60 hectares using by the full technological cycle of fertilizing.

When planting, water plants around the roots with the 100 – 200 ml solution, 1:25

House- and garden plants. Use 1:50 solution for soil dressing, fertilize once a month. Sprinkle on the leaf 2 times a month with a solution 1:50.

Cut flowers ends are better to soak in the solution 1:10 and then keep in the solution 1:50(1litre of water with 2 table spoons of Vermisol).

General notes:

1: Sprinkling on the leaf should be conducted early in the morning before the sun evaporates it. If within 5 hours after leaf fertilizing rained, the process should be repeated.

2: Freezing of the fertilizer is not allowed.

3: Fertilizer should be mixed with clean at room temperature water.




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