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Biohumus (vermicompost)

Biohumus (vermicompost) is the product or process of composting using Red Californian Worms to create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast.

Biohumus (vermicompost) consists mostly of worm casts (poop) plus some decayed organic matter. In ideal conditions worms can eat at least their own weight of organic matter in a day. In fact it seems they don't actually eat it -- they consume it, sure enough, but what they derive their nourishment from is all the micro-organisms that are really eating it. And yet -- mystery! -- their casts contain eight times as many micro-organisms as their feed! And these are the micro-organisms that best favour healthy plant growth. And the casts don't contain any disease pathogens -- pathogenic bacteria are reliably killed in the worms' gut. This is one of the great benefits of vermicomposting.

Worm casts also contain five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus, and 11 times more potassium than ordinary soil, the main minerals needed for plant growth, but the large numbers of beneficial soil micro-organisms in worm casts have at least as much to do with it. The casts are also rich in humic acids, which condition the soil, have a perfect pH balance, and contain plant growth factors similar to those found in seaweed. There's nothing better to put in your garden!

ADVANTAGES OF Biohumus (vermicompost)

  • • Causes the soil to regain natural health, life and productivity.
  • • Respectively reasonable cost upon consideration of performance rate and other cost advantages.
  • • Reliable, easy and pleasant usage.
  • • Increases germination and root growth.
  • • Activates plant immune system.
  • • Enables the plants to take more nutrition by activating the nutrient cycle.
  • • Increases resistance of the plants against cold.
  • • Increases resistance against stress caused by drought, firming and care implementations.
  • • Help overcome the lower photosynthesis problems.
  • • Prevents jeopardy caused by excessive intervention.
  • • Destroys hairy rooted and impermeable layer.
  • • Eliminates the need for application of other bio-stimulants




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